remember back in like fucking march i was worried about this fanom dying out

l m a o

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omfG i actually lost a follower for my wild ståle/mark thoughts

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OK BUT remember the night before the epsys when they all went out and we got that pic of mark ståle and sage all together again for the first time since the olympics?? they were at that club or party or whatever? ok well imagine mark and ståle looking at each other hungry for each other but they’re out in public and mark has coco there… but they just keep looking… and man they looked so good that night… before they know it all they see is each other and they need something, they need that feeling of their bodies against one another, the feeling of their lips clashing together… and they can’t take it anymore, ståle gives mark a look before getting up and moving towards the bathroom and mark knows what awaits. he tells coco he’ll be right back, walks into the bathroom, sees ståle there waiting… and i’ll let you finish the story as you wish

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wait no one is up though right i don’t need to be losing followers

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coco has been posting so much shit about mark though lately like i bet she caught him and ståle fucking and now she’s going insane so she’s like LOOK AT HOW PERFEC T OUR RELATIONSHIP IS HAH AHAHAH;

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mark and ståle TOTALLY fuck tho am i rite!???11?!?!!?!!11?1!!!

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Sven and friends

when you look at scotty the first thing you think is ‘lil bby teeny tiny cutie’ but then you remember he’s fuckiN SIX FOOT ONE

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ok but people know what my url refers to right because if they don’t it probably sounds really odd

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