Imagine your OTP is playing a game together. Person A is the more competitive and cocky one while Person B is focused and experienced. Despite all of A’s bragging and trash talk they are losing to Person B, but refuse to accept it. A then begins to seduce and distract B however they can (kissing/biting their neck, groping them, etc.) until Person B can no longer focus on playing anymore. The two forget the game and proceed with steamy sex on the floor.



The full moon rises through the Olympic Rings, hanging beneath Tower Bridge, during the London 2012 Olympic Games - August 3, 2012.

I cannot even imagine how the photographer felt to have captured this.



 Sage Kotsenburg // Ride Park City [Snowboarder Mag] 

Hot guys with babies are v important

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why aren’t you guys reblogging that or at least liking it that was COMEDY GOLD

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gus’s latest addition to his sleeve is great :)

  • livestream: it looks like somebody is about to score
  • livestream: it would be a shame if-
  • livestream: i just...
  • livestream: ...froze


McMorris, Kotsenburg, Sandbech // Olympic tbt